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Create New Bonds & Nurture Existing Relationships

Fells Point, MD Photo By MRM



I woke up this morning (that's a BIG blessing) prepared to take on the day.... Prepared to push through the uncertainties of this thing called LIFE... I got a call from a dear college friend (family) who let me know that we lost our friend. Luv/Love, as folks so affectionately called him, passed away. He & I had just chatted via text 2 days ago after he posted that he had been admitted to the hospital. I saw him and the fam (UMES) just last month and all seemed well. I asked him to keep me posted on him. Sadly, he is one of many losses this year.

Folks, LIFE comes at us EXTREMELY fast. Take the time, that moment when you feel that you should, to reach out to those on your heart and mind. These DAYS are not promised to ANY of us. Cherish them. Nurture them. Thrive in them. Lift others up in these trying times.


I chose this photo because I had to push through to get things done for the day. I met some great folks while making my rounds today and got some nice shots for the site to share with all of you. LOVE one another like you mean it. WORK toward & at your dreams. REFLECT on your past, be present in the moment and prepare for your future. Praying for longevity, healing & strength. - MRM Posted 3/12/19    




I love my family and friends! Truly, I do. I have been so blessed to have folks in my life who encourage, support, challenge and inspire me to be better. It is my intention to have this be a place where we share experiences, motivate each other & create an environment which allows us to explore the complexity of our existence and find a common ground where we coexist in love. 


Yes, we are complex and our head-space can divide us. But, if we truly try to focus on the existence of good, we have the opportunity to create something so dynamic and rare that we might just shift the earth's core in a positive direction.  

Our CONNECTED page will explore relationships, life-lessons, people & more. Visit often & Tell the Masses! - MRM posted 3/1/19    


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