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I'm excited to have some pretty incredible Contributing Writers & Featured Guests lined up for you all. Lady Tee is an old schoolmate and Licensed Nail Tech based out of Philadelphia. She has photos of some nail divas on her Instagram page who allow her to show off her skills in nail care and design. I'm not as fancy as I used to be with nails but, I am extremely excited about becoming one of her clients in the VERY near future. My poor nails need some serious love and who better to get them in tip-top shape than Nails By Lady Tee! I asked her a few questions so that we could all get to know her and this is what she had to say:

Q&A With Nails By Lady Tee - MRM


1. How did you get started as a manicurist/nail designer? I actually got started doing nails sitting on my grandparent's porch when I was younger.  My mom told me not to go off the block. Lol... So, I asked for permission to go to the nearby Asian hair store. That's where I purchased my 1st acrylic nail kit by Kiss. From that point on, I would do my nails and the girls around the way - on their porch. When I got older, I did nails in college. I even worked in my aunt's hair salon for a while before "life took over". 


2. If someone is interested in getting gel or acrylic, how would you describe the difference and; how do you help them make a decision on which would be best for them? Well, if anyone was interested in receiving gel or acrylic on their nails, I would 1st ask them if they know the difference. Secondly, I would educate them on both. GEL: Hard gel has little to no smell, needs to cure "harden" under a LED or UV Light, is a loose to thick liquid that is applied to the nail. Once applied, it is self leveling meaning that it doesn't need as much work to adhere to the natural nail. Also, it is not as abrasive to the natural nail as acrylic and removal is less abrasive. ACRYLIC: Acrylic is a liquid to powder ratio process system: The liquid "monomer" and powder "polymer". When the liquid is dipped into the powder, it creates a ball of acrylic that is applied to the nail. This is used to also create a nail, used as an enhancement, and even as an overlay. With acrylic, there is no need for a LED or UV light to cure.  Also, with this process, there are chances where the client may or may not be allergic to the product. With acrylic there are so many options that can be used: Clear, pink, white or even colored acrylic powders. Once applied, a drill/e-file may be used to smooth out the product.


A lot of people don't know the it may or may not affect the nail, sometimes even the toes. I'd let them know the truth about both...discuss their nails/feet, even their health history. I'd find out if they are allergic to any products or chemicals. Also, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages for both. There is a lot involved with either decision but, there are also the fun components: glamour, luxury, bling, whether they're for work or personal. But, the #1 key for nails and feet are to make sure they are and stay healthy and the process needed to accomplish this even if they decide to add any enhancements to their nails or feet.


3. What inspires you to create new designs? What inspires me to create new ideas and designs: everything...such as social media especially. So much has changed since I initially started years ago. I even took a break. I later came back into the nail field. You can find inspiration from other nail techs, students, objects...even day to day life and events, movies, shows, etc. There's SO much out there that can inspire you. It can be a little overwhelming but, it's so much fun. Working and coming up with new ideas...even using other techniques that you learn and adding to them. The possibilities are endless. Now, we have a much larger forum. There are so many more advantages and services to choose from. Finally, there are a lot of teachers out there from all over the world willing to share and communicate their skills and even help develop the skills of fellow nail techs/artists. 


4. Which nail trend do you like the most? The nail trends that I like the most, right now...well, it would have to be the stamping and foils. I didn't like either one of them at first because I didn't know how to apply them correctly.  But, once I was shown how to do them correctly...I'm in love! I'm even going back to my first love: hand design. When I first started, I drew cartoon characters on nails and even line work. Once I stopped, I totally forgot how to accomplish those. So, I'm going back to it and practicing more. There are so many trends out there. Once you learn something, then the next one comes out. Even older techniques are coming back and are being tweaked. 

5. What advice do you give to aspiring artists? Please share any last thoughts with us. What advice do I give aspiring artists....don't quit. Keep at it. It is frustrating but, stick with it. And, don't let anyone deter you from your passion. Get your license and keep learning. This field is constantly changing and growing. For someone like myself, once you leave and come back, there's so much to catch up on. There is so much to learn.  That's the fun part. But, it's definitely not impossible. posted 3/26/19  


Thanks a bunch, Lady Tee! -MRM                                                                  Be sure to follow Nails By Lady Tee on INSTAGRAM >> 




There's so much to talk about & share and I would try to cover it all if I could but, a different perspective, delivery and message will make this space that much more intriguing. Pluussss, my fingers are bound to get a little tired doing all this typing. Hehehe...


I've been very fortunate to meet & know folks who are exhilarating, brilliant and passionate. I'm extremely excited about the future folks who I am destined to meet as well. Be sure to touch base here and throughout the site regularly so you won't miss any of the goodness. Smooches!

Our CONTRIBUTORS page will explore tips & tricks from industry experts & more. Visit often & Tell the Masses! - MRM posted 3/1/19   


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