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Custom Paper Flower Bouquet by The MRM Collection



What's your occasion?!? This custom bouquet is off to the islands with its bride and groom! Special words and quotes were added to enhance this beauty & we can do the same for you! Thank you, Ro, for trusting me to create the first of its kind back when! Now, others get to experience it as well. Get your custom bouquet, paper flower canvas and gifting items, today! - MRM


CONTACT US >> posted 7/2/19

Custom Party Favors by The MRM Collection



Just in case you didn't know, we make some pretty special gifts, favors and more at The MRM Collection. I love when a client gives us few details to go on like it's a black & white affair and then, they leave the rest up to us.

The Memory Maker, Chenire Carter, celebrated big as she asked her guests to bring her C-Notes -- as in special notes sending her warm wishes that she can cherish for a lifetime. She's so clever that way! I ran with the C-Notes theme and created these paper bow toppers with c-notes, rhinestones and pearls. She was so tickled at the site of these beauties and, I believe a wonderful memory was made. - MRM posted 3/7/19

Custom Paper Flower Canvas by The MRM Collection



I hope that you all are ready to make some fun and functional items for your home, office or special occasions. Don't worry, we will keep the process sweet, simple and enjoyable. It will be pretty cool to show off your masterpiece to all of your admirers, too...don't ya' think?!? Hehehe... I have faith in you and can't wait to get started.

Feel free to share some of your DIY talents or make suggestions HERE as to some of the things that you'd like for us to tackle for your lifestyle brand. If it's too big of a project for us to take on right now like say, um...building a Tiny Home, we will have to pass. But, don't count us out for the future. We, like you, do have skills! Smooches! 

Our CREATE page will explore DIY's, design inspiration, challenges & more. Visit often & Tell the Masses! - MRM posted 3/1/19   


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