This One Beat Over-sized Tote is inspired by all of the amazing Social Workers in the World as it takes everyone, working as one, to make the biggest difference. The MRM Collection has partnered with Chacola Smith, a seasoned Social Worker, to bring you this amazing tote that not only represents her line of work, but for whatever you'd like your "One Beat" to mean. Grab one for yourself, a friend or co-worker and proudly represent that One Beat! Personalize it with your initials and the One Beat Logo!

One Beat Over-sized Tote

SKU: 2020-11
  • See the FAQ Page. Any personalized/custom items are Final Sale.

  • 100% Cotton. Approx. 5" Base W x 16" H x 23" L. Unlined. Machine Washable; Professional Cleaning Recommended. Durable construction; designed and made in-house.

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