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Travel in style, hit the beach or have cocktails with friends with this ultimate canvas & cork print tote. Put your mask and/or sunglasses in the pouch for quick & easy access.T his beauty is LITERALLY ready to Rock & ROLL. It is so light-weight and such a perfect addition to your travel necessities that it can be folded or rolled up in your suitcase, stored away, then be unwrapped & ready for action on the drop-of-a-dime! Grab this tote for yourself and give one as a gift to a friend!


Oh, you know you can PERSONALIZE the tote with your initials too, right?!? And, the tote is REVERSIBLE WITH 2 STRAP LENGTHS! Just saying... That's how we "roll" at The MRM Collection! 

Reversible Tote Canvas & Cork Print Tote

SKU: 2021-09
$50.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
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