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Let's Create The Perfect Accents For Your Special Occasion, Space Or Brand

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Contact us TODAY to get started on the most special additions to your occasion, space or brand. From large Paper Flower Canvases & Backdrops for weddings & venues to whimsical party favors & custom bouquets, The MRM Collection is your One-Stop Shop for all things special. A complimentary over-the-phone consultation is waiting and we are ready to create something EXTRAORDINARY for You! >>


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Lena Horne Hollywood Star


Los Angeles is such a special town! As soon as I arrived at the airport, a celebrity siting was made. Heeeyyyy, Kim W.! Ha! Also, out of all of the Hollywood Stars that line the streets of Hollywood Blvd, I happened to see that of Lena Horne's. I find it so amazing because a dear friend calls me Horne. Just a tad bit serendipitous, don't ya think?!?

I'm looking forward to catching up with some great folks, working on some special projects and just taking in the beauty of the city. Stay tuned for all to come! >>

Paper Flower Bouquet


What's your occasion?!? This custom bouquet is off to the islands with its bride and groom! Special words and quotes were added to enhance this beauty & we can do the same for you! 

Thank you, Ro, for trusting me to create the first of its kind back when! Now, others get to experience it as well. 

Get your custom bouquet, paper flower canvas and gifting items, today! CONTACT US >>

Nicole GGM


The MRM Collection had the privilege of being a vendor at the Greater Goods Market, held monthly at R. House in Remington (Baltimore), presented by B. Willow. There were so many amazing artisans and vendors there sharing their talents and wares. There was even a DJ there keeping the energy elevated and special.


With the purchase of our Faux Skin Pouch, The MRM Collection asked that a note of encouragement be written and added to our 'Giving Box'. Nicole, with her amazingly bouncy curls, took a moment away from shopping and her family >> 



I've know Andrea Better for many, many years and have affectionately called her Arnie since our school days. I've seen some of her yoga journey via social media and was intrigued to learn more. 


She took time out of her already busy morning to meet with me after teaching a class and assisting a client on their yoga journey.


Check out her MY EXPERIENCE video & photos and be sure to follow her as she continues to grow. - MRM >> 

Dr. Shenell Tolson, DrPH


I'm so incredibly proud to know Dr. Shenell Tolson, DrPH. She just earned a Doctorate of Public Health from Morgan State University c/o 2019. Dr. T has included me in the most important moments of her life as a Makeup Artist, Photographer and Consultant. When she wrote Noa The Little Scientist, an amazing book introducing little ones to the sciences and helping to reinforce literacy, she trusted me! When she and dozens of extraordinary Women of Color in the STEM fields came together for a photo shoot for an upcoming book, she trusted me! Thanks, Doc, for inspiring us all to strive for greatness all while being one of the flyest Docs that I know. >>

Nails By Tasha 1


I'm excited to have some pretty incredible Contributing Writers & Featured Guests lined up for you all. Lady Tee is an old schoolmate and Licensed Nail Tech based out of Philadelphia. She has photos of some nail divas on her Instagram page who allow her to show off her skills in nail care and design. I'm not as fancy as I used to be with nails but, I am extremely excited about becoming one of her clients in the VERY near future. My poor nails need some serious love and who better to get them in tip-top shape than Nails By Lady Tee! I asked her a few questions so that we could all get to know her and this is what she had to say. >>


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