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Explore New Things In Your City & Beyond

Lena Horne: Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles



Los Angeles is such a special town! As soon as I arrived at the airport, a celebrity siting was made. Heeeyyyy, Kim W.! Ha! Also, out of all of the Hollywood Stars that line the streets of Hollywood Blvd, I happened to see that of Lena Horne's. I find it so amazing because a dear friend calls me Horne. Just a tad bit serendipitous, don't ya think?!?

I'm looking forward to catching up with some great folks, working on some special projects and just taking in the beauty of the city. Stay tuned for all to come! - MRM posted 9/25/19  




Take some time to explore your city: the food, its culture and architecture. Hit the road and do the same in a new town. Keep your passport current and take your 'road trippin' to new heights.


I LOVE Harbor East in my hometown Baltimore, MD and could spend every day there trying a different restaurant or just taking in the view -- if my wallet permitted. Ha! Try taking a long, scenic walk along a water's edge, sip a cocktail with friends on a luxe hotel balcony or lounge with a good book by an inviting pool. Any of these scenarios will make great memories as you explore your city and beyond. So, get to it and keep us posted on your new adventures! Smooches!


Our TRAVEL page will explore dining, cities, accommodations & more. Visit often & Tell the Masses! - MRM posted 3/1/19    


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