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I'm so incredibly proud to know Dr. Shenell Tolson, DrPH. She just earned a Doctorate of Public Health from Morgan State University c/o 2019. Dr. T has included me in the most important moments of her life as a Makeup Artist, Photographer and Consultant. When she wrote Noa The Little Scientist, an amazing book introducing little ones to the sciences and helping to reinforce literacy, she trusted me! When she and dozens of extraordinary Women of Color in the STEM fields came together for a photo shoot for an upcoming book, she trusted me! Thanks, Doc, for inspiring us all to strive for greatness all while being one of the flyest Docs that I know. - MRM


Check out Dr. Shenell Tolson, DrPh on Instagram @noa_the_little_scientist #Scientist #Educator #PublicHealthBae

Get your copy of Noa The Little Scientist >>  posted 5/23/19   



Here you'll find the latest interviews, DIY posts, makeovers and all kinds of goodies captured on film. Our My Experience project introduces you all to some of the most inspiring folks from industries like beauty, financial, culinary and fashion. We also have new & exciting celebrity look-a-like makeovers and we'll even have some short films coming your way. Maybe there's an Oscar in our future. You never know!

Join us on our journey here at The MRM Collection LifeStyle Brand Experience. It's going to be a joyous ride. Smooches!

Our VIDEOS page will explore the latest interviews, DIYs, makeovers & more. Visit often & Tell the Masses! - MRM posted 3/1/19   


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Check Out The Latest Interviews, DIYs, Makeovers & More

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