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Take Care Of Your WHOLE Self: Inside & Out



I've know Andrea Better for many, many years and have affectionately called her Arnie since our school days. I've seen some of her yoga journey via social media and was intrigued to learn more. 


She took time out of her already busy morning to meet with me after teaching a class and assisting a client on their yoga journey.


Check out her MY EXPERIENCE video & photos and be sure to follow her as she continues to grow. The Full Video is available HERE. - MRM IG: @andreabetteryoga posted 5/28/19   




I want so much to have a healthy mind, body & soul balance for myself and others. It truly is necessary to, at the very least, attempt to provide your entire self with proper care. During the winter months, my skin has just been tortured and, I haven't done nearly enough to preserve it for years to come. I need some heavy duty lotion or cream or something and need to eat more nutrient rich foods that will serve my body well from the inside out.


During this journey with you all as we build and maintain our lifestyle brand, I challenge myself and you all to do something each day to ensure that we have longevity and can inspire others to join us. I'm thinking I should keep and share a list of my daily 'Doing Something Good For Self' right here on this page. I just thought of that title! Ha! Let's hold each other accountable and lift each other up, shall we?!? I'm game if you are so, LET'S GO!!

Our WELL-BEING page will explore healthy tips & techniques for the mind, body, soul & more. Visit often & Tell the Masses! - MRM 

posted 3/1/19   



I took a much needed moment to relax & breathe while working on the site. Technology is wonderful...when it works!


Each & every day I pray. I remind myself to have a more intensely focused prayer. Be intentional & present in prayer! 


As I get older, my body lets me know that it needs to be stretched in order to have longevity. I'm not as young as I used to be!


HAHAHAHAHAHA!! See what I just did there?!? Ha! Think of the funniest thing that you can and just let it out. A good laugh is necessary for the soul!


I cherish my alone time and reflect on life often but, talking to others brings a fresh perspective. I'm grateful for conversations & company!


Life moves so quickly and it comes with many ups & downs. I remind myself to give thanks even through the toughest times! 


I'm constantly in my head and need to take time to relax, breathe & smile. The act alone is uplifting. Share a 'cheese' with the world!


I'm excited to take a nice, long stroll by the water and enjoy while the weather is a little warmer. Take some time to reflect and reboot!


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